How BrightTALK promotes your content

At BrightTALK we use various tactics to promote your content to our audience of B2B professionals. Our organic tactics are based on the settings you select, the content tags you add to your webinars and how your cotnent is resonating with the audience.

We also have paid tactics that are available to purchase. If you would like to know more about our paid products and solutions, please let your Account Manager know. Our paid promotions are a great way to boost the reach of your content and attract prospects. 

  • Direct email promotions - Paid only
    • Targeted emails of your content to in-filter users viewing relevant content. 
  • Weekly update & recommendation emails - Organic and Paid
    • BrightTALK sends out a Weekly digest of recently published, now available on-demand and live content, based on a user’s interests and viewing behaviour 
  • Native Ad Placements - Organic and Paid
    • BrightTALK promotes your content in personalised feeds on the right-hand side of every webinar.
    • BrightTALK also promotes your content on each user’s Knowledge Feed, which is based on what each user is searching for and relevant content.
  • Search & Topic Pages - Organic
    • Tagging your content with relevant keywords allows BrightTALK’s AI to use the recommendation engine to distribute your content to professionals that are viewing similar topics and content.
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