Sharing your content with your network

We strongly encourage you to promote your content to your network!

As buying teams get larger in size, promoting your webinar content to your network allows you to engage existing prospects with valuable assets, moving them further down the marketing funnel.  

Outside of webinar replays and recurring promotions running within the BrightTALK platform, executing your own, internal email marketing campaigns by targeting your network with relevant BrightTALK content affords you the ability to drive new users not yet subscribed, and their subsequent activity, to your BrightTALK Channel. Promoting your webinar content to new users in this way will help you further grow your BrightTALK audience health, improve Channel sustainability, and drive new activity-based leads to your content.

Promoting your content is easy – follow these 3 steps to promote your content to your audience!

  1. Go to your Channel in BrightTALK Central
  2. Select the "Settings" tab
  3. Click on "Embed and promote"

To get the most out of your content promotions, we encourage you to set up FastReg and use the FastPass URL for all of your promotions.

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Promotion FAQ

How does the "Promote and share" step work?

While scheduling a Talk, replay or video you may encounter an optional  "Promote and share" step which provides links to promote your content in email and social media as well as an embed code for your website.  

How is the link generated?

The link is generated based on your Channel configuration- basically, whether or not you've asked us enable "webcast redirection" for your Channel.

If webcast redirection is NOT enabled (default setting):

  • The link will always be to the public page for this content.  The link is broken into the following parts:
    • Base:
    • Your channel id:  i.e. [12345]
    • The id of this content: i.e. [123456]
    • The UTM parameters
      • UTM_Source = The "Organization" name of your Channel
      • UTM_Medium = BrightTALK
      • UTM_Campaign = the id of this content (i.e. [123456])

If webcast redirection is  enabled (custom setting): 
We will always display whatever value you have provided to us for that setting.

How does the embed code work?

The embed code is always the "Single content embed" for this content and will allow you to display it on your website, landing page, or blog.

I noticed this step got skipped, why is that?

We always skip this step if your content was set to "Practice(private)" since in most cases, we assume you are not going to publicly promote a practice event.

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