Deleting or unpublishing content from your Channel

It is not currently possible to delete content from your Channel. However, you can unpublish your content, which has nearly the same outcome. 


Unpublishing your content 
Unpublishing your content will remove all public listings of it and disable the viewing link. This means that not only will viewers not be able to find the content, but they also will not be able to view it.  You can unpublish any on-demand content by following the below steps: 

  1. From your Channel content listing, click "Manage" next to the content you wish to unpublish.
  2. From the Overview page, click "Edit details"
  3. Under "Published" change the setting to "Unpublish" and click "Proceed"  



Filtering out unpublished content in BrightTALK Central

While unpublishing your content will make it inaccessible to viewers, that content will still appear in your Channel content listing in BrightTALK Central.  To permanently filter out this content, simply change the "Event Status" drop-down to an option other than "All" or "Unpublished":



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