How to add in a video to your webinar

Incorporating a video into your webinar is a great way to add timely topics and content to your presentation, add needed detail to complicated topics and make your presentation more engaging.  

When you present a webinar, you are able to play-in videos from your BrightTALK Channel to your live audience at any time. 


1. At the bottom of the presenter screen, click Play-in video, followed by Add and manage video. 


2. You'll then see a list of all the videos in your Channel. Click Add video for your preferred videos and you’ll see them listed on the right hand side under Video list, where you can remove them as well. Once you're happy with your selections, click Done


3. You'll then be directed back to the presenter screen, with the videos shown in the Video list. If you hover over these videos, a play button will appear, which can be clicked at any time. 



4. Your video will then begin to play, webcams will be out of view and presenters microphones will be muted. You can pause the video at any time which would unmute the microphones. Once the video reaches the end, the presenter screen will automatically revert back to your webcams. Alternatively, you can click End video at any time. 


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