Virtual backgrounds overview

A lot of presenters like to use a virtual background to minimize external distractions and keep focus on the presenter and messaging. The Talks platform provides presenters with the ability to stylize their background in various ways: 

  • Light blur: slightly blur your background 
  • High blur: full blur option 
  • Dark background: a dark backdrop, completely hiding the background
  • Image upload: upload your own image
    • Image requirements:
      • File size: 5mb maximum
      • Resolution: 1280x720 (recommended) 
      • Format: JPG/PNG

The image for the presenter using it will look flipped, however it looks correct for the audience and other presenters when they see you.        Screen_Shot_2022-07-21_at_11.22.48_AM.png


You can access virtual backgrounds from the Preview page prior to entering the presenter screen or at by clicking cog_setting.png Presenting options in the top section of the presenter screen at any time.    


      *Please note virtual backgrounds are only supported on Chrome at this time.

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