Webinar screen share overview

Screen sharing – the process of a presenter displaying the contents of their computer screen to viewers during a webinar – facilitates both engagement and clarity. Engagement results from viewers being able to digest a presenter’s insights in unique forms, such as slides, videos, photos and graphs. Clarity is a byproduct of a presenter being able to reinforce their insights by sharing them in multiple ways. For example, a presenter can speak about their company’s expansion and illustrate that expansion with a graph. Ultimately, screen sharing enables a more meaningful experience for the viewer.

So, now that we’ve explored why screen sharing matters, let’s turn our attention to what constitutes an effective screen share. A successful screen share is free of technological hiccups. If presenters fumble, they risk losing their audience’s engagement. Fortunately, we have tips that can help you perform smooth screen shares during your BrightTALK webinars. 

But before we dive in, we must first ensure that your security permissions allow screen sharing to be used by Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. With MacOS Mojave (2018) and subsequent OS releases, Apple introduced additional security measures. To update your security permissions, or to check if you already have the necessary permissions in place, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Security & Privacy
  3. Navigate to the Privacy tab
  4. Select Screen Recording
  5. Check off the apps, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, that you allow to record the contents of your screen 



Now that your security permissions are sorted out, let’s move on to the main event: how to screen share. To carry out a polished screen share, perform these 3 simple actions:


1. Select Share screen, which is located at the bottom of the presenter screen 


2. Review your 3 options for sharing: Your Entire Screen, an Application Window or a Chrome Tab


3. Select your choice, then click Share 

After you complete these steps, your audience will be able to see your screen. But how do you end screen sharing? You can easily stop sharing your screen by clicking Stop sharing on either the BrightTALK presenter screen or the Chrome/Edge pop-up on the bottom of your shared screen.  



The insights that you wish to impart to your webinar viewers are worthwhile – and that’s why we want to help you convey them, through screen share, in the smoothest, most engaging way. We hope that this lesson on screen sharing in the BrightTALK platform empowers you to create highly effective webinars and maximize the viewer experience.




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