Adding content to your promotional campaigns

You can tag in content that you would like to promote in your BrightTALK paid lead campaigns within BrightTALK Central. Adding your content to paid lead campaigns allows you to boost your content reach and ROI, ensuring that your content is put in front of your target audience. 

Paid campaigns can help you branch out into new countries or regions, supply your sales team with consistent prospects or move existing leads down the marketing funnel. 

How to tag in content

1. In order to tag in content it will first need to be scheduled in on the Content tab within your Channel.  

2. Within the BrightTALK Central portal you will be able to see any campaigns that you have run by clicking on the ‘Campaigns’ tab. Find the campaign you would like to add the content to and click ‘Details’.

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3. On the Overview page you will get a breakdown of the campaign parameters, CPL (Cost per Lead) and filters that you have purchased.

4. This is where you will be able to add the content that you would like to promote. Click ‘Add Content’.


Note: If you have multiple Channels, please make sure to select the right one before you select the webcast.

5. Select the webcast and click ‘Confirm’.


6. Once you’ve tagged in content to your program, please email your CSM (Customer Success Manager) to ensure that they know you’ve tagged in content and they can ensure that your program is ready for promotion.

Note: You cannot delete content from your package. Contact your CSM to remove a piece of content from your package.

Q: How does this work if I don't have Campaigns?

If you do not have any active, inactive, or pending Campaigns, you will see an optional step to "Create a campaign."  Clicking button takes you to a form that allows you to configure the budget and filters for a lead generation campaign to promote your content (although please note- after submitting the form, you will need to discuss the actual purchase with your sales rep before anything is transacted). 

The topics shown on this page come from the "Tags" field on the previous screen.  
Please note:  Your content is saved at this point, so there is no risk of loss of data by clicking the button or leaving this page. 

I noticed this step got skipped, why did that happen?

This step gets automatically "skipped" under two conditions:

  • If the content was set to "Practice (Private):  We'll skip this step, since this event type cannot be promoted as part of a Campaign (only public content can be promoted). 
  • If the Channel is "Private" (or "Off-portal):  We'll also skip this step, since if you are hosting content in one of those Channels, the content is not listed on our network and thus cannot be promoted by us.


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