Content tab overview

The content listing (or "Content" tab) in BrightTALK Central allows you to see a filtered list of all of the content in your Channel. This guide will cover some of the most common questions on how this page functions:


How do the filters work? Do they save?

The filters are a new feature that was introduced in BrightTALK Central that gives you more granular control over what content you see.  All filters save on a per-user, per channel basis- meaning you can create your views for a specific channel without impacting anyone else's view.  Here is a quick breakdown on what each of the filter values does.  Note: The filters can compound, so you can have both an "Event Status" and "Event Type" filter.


Event Status filter

  • All: Will show content of any status
  • Public only: Will only show content that is Public and not cancelled or unpublished
  • Public/Private: Will show any content that is Public or Private, but will exclude cancelled or unpublished content.
  • Unpublished: Will only show content that is Unpublished
  • Cancelled:  Will only show content that is Cancelled


Event Type filter

  • All: Will show content of any type
  • Talk: Will only show "Talk" content
  • Replay: Will only show "Replay" content
  • Video: Will only show "Video" content
  • Pro Webinar:  Will only show "Pro webinar" content (legacy type)
  • Syndicated in: Will only show content that is syndicated into this Channel (meaning it did not originate in this Channel).


Some of my content went missing - what happened?

Because the filters (described above) save, it's possible that you may accidentally filter out some of your content.  To find your content, we recommend either searching for it by name or adjusting the filters back to their "All" values.


Can I delete or hide content?

We do not support the deletion of content, however, with the introduction of the filters (described above) it is possible to permanently hide certain content from view.  For instance, if you move the undesirable content to "Unpublished" than you could filter it out of your view using either the "Public only" or "Public/Private" fitler option.

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