Virtual Event FAQ

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about BrightTALK Virtual Events.


Q: What's the difference between "Virtual Event" and "Virtual Event+"?

If you are using the "Virtual Events" area in BrightTALK Central, you may see flag indicators for: "Virtual Event" and "Virtual Event+": 

These indicators refer to the two common types of events and their corresponding features: 

  • Virtual Event:  Typically a more standardized or "templated" Virtual Event.  Requires minimal setup, is hosted on so you can get organic traffic, and includes standard engagement features (questions, polls, attachments, etc.) 
  • Virtual Event+: A more advanced Virtual Event that comes with heavier customization options, its own custom domain, and advanced engagement features like forums and discussion groups.

Note: For the purposes of keeping Knowledge Base simple, we refer to both products generically as "Virtual Events"- in other words, you can assume any guide for one applies to the other.


Q: I made a change to my content but I'm not seeing that change reflected

If you've made changes to any of your sessions from the Virtual Event Agenda page (such as changing the title or date) and those changes are not immediately appearing, please wait at least 1-2 minutes and then refresh the page.  If you are still not seeing the changes take hold, please contact your event manager and/or open a support ticket and we will assist you.  


Q: The "Event URL" button is greyed out for my event

If you have run or are running a Virtual Event with BrightTALK and see that the "Event URL" button is greyed out and not clickable, it means your event is not linked to a landing page.  The remedy varies on how old your event is:

  • For Upcoming events or recently completed events: Please reach out to your Event manager who can resolve this for you. 
  • For completed events: We suggest reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or Sales account rep for assistance.  Please note: we do not permanently maintain custom landing pages unless specifically requested to, so it is possible your page no longer exists.
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