Your BrightTALK Channel

Your BrightTALK Channel makes your brand and messaging discoverable to B2B professionals that are actively researching and discovering the information they need to advance their professional development and solve business challenges.

Your Channel enables you to:

Create & Host Content

  • Create new Live or On-demand webinars
    • Present live webinars with screen share, video play-in and slides​
    • Complete end-to-end webinar creation platform with editorial, production, ​graphics and speaker add-on options
  • Syndicate existing content you already have
    • Upload and replay existing webinars and videos​
    • Group content into Series and Virtual Events with branded registration pages

Your Channel consolidates all upcoming and on-demand content into a single destination for your target audience to view.

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Drive Audience & Leads

  • Engage our audience to generate guaranteed leads
  • Promote to your owned/ existing audiences to build your Channel subscriber base

Delivering you and your sales team enhanced lead data: 

  • More quality data
    • Data is automatically cleansed and flows directly through to your marketing automation tool​
  • More accurate data
    • 80% of data is enriched with new and updated fields to improve follow-up efficiency ​
  • Real-time analytics
    • Engagement data is updated and delivered to you on an hourly basis ​

Your BrightTALK Channel enables you to drive targeted audience to your repurposed content and new webinars, whilst maximizing engagement!

Embed​ your Channel onto your website 

  • Add BrightTALK experience to your website with a single line of code (like YouTube player)​
  • Track all registration and engagement with BrightTALK webinars and videos on your website

Maximize user time on your website​, and ensure optimal exposure to your products, brand and sales tools.

Optimize your ​registration ​experience - FastReg

  • Sign-up new prospects faster with a shorter form and real-time data lookups​
  • Register existing leads from your CRM with a single click using FastPass URL
  • More webinar registrations from email​
    • Amplify email conversion for new and known audiences by 300%
  • Increased MQL conversions​
    • 3x more MQL’s with a BrightTALK webinar than any other provider

Connect to your CRM tool

  • Sync data from your BrightTALK Channel(s) and Campaign(s) directly to your CRM tool​
  • Capture and deliver research behavior directly to your sales and marketing teams​
  • Automatically enrich all leads (direct, paid and organic)


Please note: Content creation is not available for Campaign Channels.


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