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The best way to build a healthy, engaged audience is by putting effort into telling people about your relevant and timely webinars in your BrightTALK Channel. Aside from the recurring webinar promotions running within the BrightTALK Central platform, you can, and should, conduct your own marketing efforts to promote your BrightTALK webinars outside of the Central platform, such as via email, social media, and ads on your website. 

Here are a few methods with which you can promote your webinars:

  1. HTML5 Embed: You can easily pull your channel or standalone embed from your channel and place it on any website or blog. The embed offers an improved approach to adding to your site your entire catalogue of content in one single embed, encouraging greater cross-pollination across your content to maximize viewings.
  2. Invite your network via email & social media marketing: Here you can acquire a unique webinar URL for your promotion and email marketing initiatives. This unique URL never changes, and you can share it using social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well. 
  3. Website Ads: Display house ads that point to your BrightTALK channel or current, upcoming, or future webinars right on your site to engage users who aren’t as active on email or social media. 

Diversify your webinar content promotion strategy by utilizing a combination of these methods, and test freely to see what works best for your organization. If you choose to promote BrightTALK webinar content via social media, keep these cadences and timings in mind when developing your content promotion strategy:

When to promote your BrightTALK content


Best Day(s)





Monday & Friday  


12-3pm EST






4-6pm EST





Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday



9am-12pm EST

12pm-3pm EST

6pm-9pm EST







9am-12pm EST

12pm-3pm EST

6pm-9pm EST

*These times are tailored to NA audiences specifically. Adjust your strategy based on you—and your audience’s—region and time zone to maximize engagement. Sources: Hootsuite Blog “Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2023”; HubSpot Blog “The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2023 [New Data].

Executing your own, internal marketing campaign by targeting your lists and site visitors with relevant BrightTALK content affords you the ability to drive new users not yet subscribed, and their subsequent activity, to your BrightTALK Channel. Promoting your webinar content to new users in this way will help you further grow your BrightTALK audience health, improve channel sustainability, and drive new activity-based leads to your content.  

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