The importance of a consistent content cadence

In order to truly engage your audience, a consistent cadence of content is essential. We suggest publishing 6+ pieces of content a quarter to boost engagement and build your channel subscribers.

You’re often competing with countless other vendors in your space who are pushing out content to your target audience on similar entry points and product use cases. In order to be competitive, it’s key to continue pushing your brand to remain front of mind for the audience and to educate them on how you can help address the unique challenges they are facing.

According to TechTarget’s recent Media Consumption Survey, the average buyer consumes 12+ pieces of content during the research process, with 68% of respondents citing that they conduct research to support a tech purchase mostly or completely independent of a sales rep. To put it bluntly, content is king when it comes to educating prospects on your brand, pushing them down the sales funnel, and ultimately getting shortlisted, and the more you have of it the better! With more and more of today’s prospects pushing for a rep-less buying experience, a lack of content will no doubt leave a high volume of opportunities on the table.

A consistent content cadence not only helps you reach new BrightTALK prospects through dedicated and automated promotions, but it also builds a sense of community for current channel subscribers, and helps to make your channel a go-to source for reliable information within your market, which contributes to successful conversations down the line. Within the same Media Consumption survey, 92% of respondents cited that they’re more likely to engage with a tech vendor who has helped educate them on a particular subject or technology concept. Essentially, if you put out a high volume of content, at a consistent cadence, you’ll significantly increase your chances of driving pipeline.

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