BrightTALK integration with WordPress

The below article outlines the integration of BrightTALK content with WordPress CMS.

The following Plugins are available from the WordPress Plugin Repository:

  • BrightTALK Player Shortcode – embed the BrightTALK media player using a simple WordPress shortcode
    Plugins under development
  • BrightTALK Webinar Custom Post Type – Provides a custom post type allowing BrightTALK webinar information to be stored directly in WordPress enabling tight integration, SEO, search and keyword support.
  • BrightTALK Channel Feed – Automatically synchronize your content from your BrightTALK channels directly to WordPress.
  • The BrightTALK short code allows you to embed the BrightTALK player directly into WordPress using a short code.


The code below enables WordPress content creators to directly add a BrightTALK webinar to their pages, posts, blogs or other parts of their site as follows:





The shortcode above enables you to add either an individual or a list of webinars to your site. In the example above, the displaymode parameter is set to ‘standalone’ and will display a single webinar. To display a set of webinars, the displaymode parameter must be changed to ‘channellist’, as follows:

The other parameters you can change are the channelid and the commid. These values can be found in the url for the particular webinar. The first value is the channel id, in the example below this is 1166. The second value is the commid, in the example below this is 224215:


Editing the shortcode for a standalone webinar



Editing the shortcode for a channel list


Viewing the channel list



  • V1.0 – Channel Player (legacy player)
  • V1.1 – Bug fixes
  • V2.0.1 – Responsive HTML5 Player – with channel and media only options (in development)

Known Issues

  • V2.0.1 Only 1 BrightTALK player can be displayed on a web page
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