How to improve re-engagement

Re-engagement rates are based on how frequently your channel subscribers engage with multiple webinars – on average, what percent of users engage with one webinar? Two or three? More?

When it comes to improving re-engagement rates to increase touch points with prospects, the first (somewhat obvious) step is give them more content to engage with!

A consistent cadence of content (including net new webinars, not just replays) is key to offer channel subscribers new opportunities to engage with content. We suggest publishing 6+ pieces of content a quarter to boost engagement with your existing community as well as build your channel subscribers. According to TechTarget’s recent Media Consumption Survey, the average buyer consumes 12+ pieces of content during the research process, with 68% of respondents citing that they conduct research to support a tech purchase mostly or completely independent of a sales rep. To put it bluntly, content is king when it comes to educating prospects on your brand, pushing them down the sales funnel, and ultimately getting shortlisted.

A consistent content cadence helps build a sense of community for current channel subscribers by making your channel a go-to source for reliable information within your market, which contributes to successful conversations down the line. Within the same Media Consumption survey, 92% of respondents cited that they’re more likely to engage with a tech vendor who has helped educate them on a particular subject or technology concept. Essentially, if you put out a high volume of content, at a consistent cadence, you’ll significantly increase your chances of driving pipeline.

Once you have the consistent content cadence nailed down, it’s important to make the most of all the available features and functionality BrightTALK offers, such as:

  • FastForm with FastPass – make it as easy as possible for prospects to immediately engage with content
  • Embed links – boost webinar visibility and access for those prospects browsing your site
  • Automated emails – ensure automated emails are turned on for your channel and customize messaging and template as you see fit, to remind registrants of an upcoming webinar, and send appropriate automated follow ups
  •  Paid promotions – leverage paid content lead programs to drive increased promotions around upcoming webinars
  • BrightTALK Series – utilize Series to group together/produce engaging live, recorded and episodic content that leverage automated reminder emails to new episodes and optimized promotions with a dedicated registration page and one-time, Series-level registration.

Finally, another essential step of re-engagement (and engagement overall) is co-promoting your webinars by sending dedicated emails to your database, sharing on social channels and featuring them prominently on your site to reach current prospects and channel subscribers. As mentioned above, content is the most effective way to push current prospects down the funnel, so make the most of any new content you produce on BrightTALK by pushing it out to your network as much as possible.  Visit our article “Promoting your BrightTALK content” for tips for creating effective subject lines and email copy.

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