NEW BrightTALK Embed

An upgrade for BrightTALK on your homepage

BrightTALK is making some exciting updates to the BrightTALK Embed that enhance the look and feel of your embedded page and allow for additional customization.  

  • Modern look and feel with color customization that will look at home on any website
  • Player ”sidebar” integrates new FastReg and FastPass capabilities directly
  • Includes: 
    • Updated channel embed 
    • Updated player embed 
    • NEW Series embed

The new embed will automatically update for all users at the end of Jan 2024*

Embed FAQ

Will I have to update my Embed?

  • No, it will update automatically for all users at the end of January 2024

What size is the new channel/webinar Embed?

  • The embed is responsive so will work on any size screen, but has a max width of 1440px

I see that is bigger than my current Embed, is that going to make the design of the page look weird? Will I have to get my web dev team to do something?

  • It’s a responsive design so it will stretch and shrink with the size of the user’s browser. As such sizing and website layout is not an issue.

Will this embed perform better than the old Embed?

  • The embed adopts the best practices of our optimized player pages, and reduces the number of clicks-to-engagement from the old embed - as such it will be more performant than the old embed

What customizations are available?

  • You can pick the featured content, language, tags and the color of the buttons

What if I don't use the color customization?

  • It will be grey

How do I use the Embed categorization tags?

  • You can request these be added to your channel through your CSM and then content can be tagged against them

*Visuals and features may be different on release. Release date subject to change.

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