Content Analytics in BrightTALK: How to Harness the Power

So, you’ve posted a webinar to BrightTALK and have consistently promoted it since its live date – now it’s time to track its performance. Why? To unlock insights that can guide your future content development and promotion strategy.

By tracking webinar performance, you can identify the topics and formats that yield the highest engagement with viewers and prospects as well as the ones that don’t. All that information is valuable, and it’s at your fingertips in the BrightTALK platform. In this article, we’ll explore where to find those insights so you can harness their power.

First, navigate to the Content tab, pictured below, which is positioned beside three other tabs (Channel Analytics, Channel Reports and Settings) that also hold worthwhile information.

Picture 1.jpg

In the Content tab, you can review data about your webinar, including some basics like the date and time of its release, its title and presenter, its type (Talk, Replay or uploaded Video) and its status (upcoming or already recorded; private or searchable by the public). The Content tab also presents engagement statistics, including how many people have pre-registered for the webinar and how many viewers it has attracted so far.

To access the Content Overview page for one of your webinars, click Manage. What information can you unlock there? Let’s explore.

Picture 2.jpg

On the left side of the Content Overview page, you will see a dashboard made up of four blue squares. This dashboard offers a snapshot of content engagement metrics regarding pre-registrations, viewers, questions asked by viewers, and feedback provided in comments by viewers.

In addition to those insights, the Content Overview page furnishes a list of the professionals that engaged with your webinar. Titled Audience, that list – which includes the name, job title and company of each audience member – is located below the dashboard.

To the right of the Overview tab on the Content Overview page is the Content Analytics tab. Let’s toggle over and see what’s there.

Picture 3.jpg

The Content Analytics page, pictured above, analyzes data about both live and on-demand viewers. But what kind of data? A variety. The page delves into how many professionals viewed your webinar and the average number of minutes for which they viewed it. Another category of analysis that the page provides is “% Duration Viewed.” This figure represents the average number of minutes that your webinar was viewed divided by the total length of the piece of content.  

So, we’ve explored the types of content analytics that you can find on the BrightTALK platform – and where to find that data. Now you can browse those metrics and confidently leverage them to strengthen your existing and future webinar projects. And for support as you continue creating and promoting standout webinars, browse our other BrightTALK resources, including guidance for branding your BrightTALK channel.  

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