BrightTALK Integration with Integrate

The BrightTALK integration with Integrate uses an Integrate App

If you're interested is syncing your BrightTALK leads to Integrate, please reach out to your Integrate CSM to get the process started.  


Connecting BrightTALK

Before You Begin

Confirm you have the Integrate Webinar connector enabled

  • This is enabled on the user level by the Integrate team.
  • Contact your Integrate Customer Success Manager to confirm this is complete for your user.

Confirm you are the ‘Owner’ of the BrightTALK Channel

  • Your BrightTALK user must be the Channel Owner. There can be only one Channel Owner per channel (being a Channel Manager is not sufficient).
  • Contact your BrightTALK account manager to confirm who the owner is, and if necessary request that they change ownership.
    • This user must retain ownership with their credentials matching those added in the Demand Acceleration Platform Integration Hub.
  • Owners of Multiple BrightTALK Channels
    • If your BrightTALK user is the Channel Owner of more than one BrightTALK Channel, you will only need to input your credentials once.
    • The BrightTALK connection is based on the user level; all BrightTALK Channels where your user is the Channel Owner will be accessible in the Demand Acceleration Platform.

Once the app is set up and BrightTALK owner configured

  • Provide your Integrate CSM with your webinar IDs from BrightTALK as they are published


For additional assistance, the below articles can be found on the Integrate Support site. 

*Please note that you need an Integrate login to be able to view*

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