Best practices for promoting webinar content

Promoting webinar content: Email marketing best practices

Breaking through the noise to engage prospects via email marketing and webinar promotion is easier said than done. In this article, we'll equip you with practical tips and insights to empower you to execute successful email campaigns and promote compelling webinar content. 

The journey towards mastering these essential marketing tactics begins with a clear understanding of their value and the tools available to amplify your efforts. BrightTALK offers a range of email features designed to boost your results and maximize audience reach, but we encourage you to conduct your own email marketing outside of BrightTALK Central’s native promotional capabilities in order to fully elevate your brand's visibility and drive engagement.  

Why you should promote webinars within your network via email marketing 

We highly recommend that you actively promote your content within your network! 
As purchasing teams continue to grow in size, promoting your webinar content to your network enables you to engage existing prospects with valuable resources, guiding them deeper into the marketing funnel. 

Apart from webinar replays and ongoing promotions on the BrightTALK platform, launching your own internal email marketing campaigns targeted at your network with relevant BrightTALK content gives you the opportunity to attract new subscribers and encourage their engagement on your BrightTALK Channel. By promoting your webinar content to new users in this manner, you can effectively expand your BrightTALK audience, enhance Channel sustainability, and generate new activity-based leads for your content.  

What is the "Promote and share" step and how does it work? 
When scheduling a Talk, replay, or video, you may come across an optional "Promote and share" step. This step offers links to facilitate promotion of your content via email and social media, along with an embed code for your website. 

Promoting your content is easy – follow these 3 steps to promote your content to your audience! 
  • Go to your Channel in BrightTALK Central 
  • Select the "Settings" tab 
  • Click on "Invite your network" 
How do I write emails that get clicks and opens? Email marketing best practices  
As we delve deeper into mastering email marketing and webinar promotion, it's crucial to recognize the significance of compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) and engaging copy within your emails. Let’s dive into some quick tips you can use to get strong results. 

Compelling Calls to Act (CTAs) 
A strong CTA seals the deal: 
  • Make it clear: Treat your CTA as the thesis statement to your promo, explaining what readers will gain by engaging with your content.
  • Use vivid language: Employ action verbs to captivate your audience's attention. 
  • Specificity is key: Be clear about the action and the type of content offered. 
Dive into our guide A Guide to Writing Great B2B Email Copy to ensure your readers are actually opening and engaging with your emails.  

^ Tip: That’s a good example of a CTA! 

Crafting Engaging Copy 
  • Keep it concise: Aim for paragraphs under three lines and use formatting (bullets, italics, bolding) to break up text. For emails, limit the copy to 715 characters as a general rule to capture your readers’ attention in as little time as possible. 
  • Address pain points: Focus on the specific challenges your audience faces and show how your content or offer can solve them. 
  • Tease, don’t reveal all: Hint at additional information to encourage full content consumption. 
Read the full Crafting Engaging Copy: Dos and Don’ts blog on TechTarget’s site here for more tips. 

3 additional places to promote your webinar content 
Email campaigns are a great start, but leveraging a multi-channel approach when promoting your webinars can help you further maximize attendance and engagement.  
  • HTML5 Embed: Easily integrate your channel or standalone webinar embed into any website or blog. This embed provides a streamlined method to showcase your entire content catalog in one embed, promoting greater exposure across your content and boosting viewership. 
  • Invite Your Network via Email & Social Media Marketing: Generate a unique webinar URL for your promotional and email marketing efforts. This permanent URL can be shared through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  • Hint: Use the subject line and email copy tips we outlined above to position your webinar for success in outbound promotions.  
  • Website Ads: Place house ads on your website directing visitors to your BrightTALK channel or highlighting current, upcoming, or future webinars. This approach targets users who may not be as active on email or social media. 
Diversify your webinar content promotion strategy by leveraging a mix of these methods, and experiment to determine which approaches yield the best results for your organization. 

What we’ve learned along the way 
By optimizing your email marketing with compelling CTAs and engaging copy, and strategically promoting your webinars through targeted advertising and social channels, you can significantly enhance audience engagement and achieve greater success with your BrightTALK channel 
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